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I am an acupuncturist and herb doctor, Esther Suh-Ha Lee.
Nowadays, people are suffering from lifestyle diseases as obesity and accelerated aging due to environmental pollution, processed food, and excessive consumption of calories. I am here to help you to restore your health through solving the fundamental problems through nature. Acupuncture and herb are the most natural way. If you are suffering from light symptoms as flu to various internal/external pain or imbalance in your body, I am willing to share the exciting and intriguing experience of the nature’s secret, the creator has given us. Also detoxification, facial rejuvenation and lipolysis acupuncture methods are one of the many ways I offer to help you restore health and beauty.


Business established since 2014 with great reputation in Edmonton community
- Conveniently located close to bus station .
Registered Acupuncturist and PhD in Oriental Medicine
100% Insurance Claim (Sunlife, Great-west, Manulife, Bluecross, Ect.)
Bilingual: Korean, English


Our service

Acupuncture (침) | Moxibustion (뜸)
Herbal Remedy (한약) | Cupping (부항)
Guasha (과샤) | Constitution (체질)
Detoxification (해독) | facial rejuvenation
acupuncture (미용침)
Aesthetics (미용) | lipolysis acupuncture

Case Reports

Case Report 1:

A man in his 60s complained about his libido. He is low in energy and always stressful. After treating him with herbal remedy, acupuncture, and moxibustion for less than 1 month, he testifies.....

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780) 885-6892 (text)

Address: Allendale, Edmonton, AB T6H 2E2